With NU Home Pros, buyer’s get more and seller’s pay less.

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* Savings are estimated, subject to lender approval, and based on a minimum commission. Sample buyer credit is based on 50% of a 3% commission and sample seller credit is based on 6% total commission minus a flat rate of $1,387 ($888 FSBO plan + $499 transaction management fee) Discounted full service listing options are also available.

Buyers Get More

• Listed and UNLISTED homes for sale
• Exclusive buying opportunities
• Specialized representation
• Guaranteed concessions
• Contingent buyer specialists

Sellers Pay Less

• Pay no commission on the sale of your home (per plan)
• Choose between flexible selling options
• Work with a local team of Professionals
• Receive high-quality marketing material
• Buyer targeted marketing included

NU Home Pros Team

• Local licensed Real Estate Professionals
• Local Certified Transaction Coordinators
• Local Marketing Specialists

Industry Partners Include:

• Local and national home builders
• Licensed mortgage loan originators
• A network of industry professionals

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  • "...NU Home Pros sold our contingent home for less than 1% in “as is“ condition and handled everything on our new home under construction… it was a lot easier than I thought it would be and all we had to take care of was moving our family..."

    The Diaz Family
  • “… my wife’s mother had retired from the Bay Area and we were planning to combine households… NU Home Pros found us the multi-generational home of our dreams…”

    The Hatch Family
  • “… it was like having a best friend in the business that knows all the answers and has all the hook ups… we found the perfect unlisted home, and NU Home Pros saved us thousands of dollars on closing costs.”

    The Smalley Family
  • “… I had sold an investment property in the Bay Area and was running out of time on my 1031 exchange… Tony found me three new unlisted model homes in Sacramento and two of them were furnished… we successfully negotiated a seller rent back with the builder… my experience exceeded all expectations.”

    Mr. Yau
  • – “… homes don’t last long in my neighborhood, so I knew it would sell fast… I can’t believe I sold my home for less than $3,000 TOTAL… thank you NU Home Pros!”

    Ms. Hayes

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